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Avaya 1408 Digital Telephone - 4 Pack

Part: 700510909
Availability: Out of Stock
Price: $230.00

Product Information

The Avaya 1408 Digital Telephone multi-pack will include 4 New Avaya 1408 Digital Telephones. This digital phone is for users who rely on several communication forms such as; voice and email. Avaya 1408 delivers a productivity-enhancing telephone for sale staff and cubicle workers

  • Provided with a 3 Lines by 24 Character Display
  • White Backlit screen for better viewing in any lighting condition
  • Interface: Context sensitive with four way navigation cluster
  • Applications: Large capacity contacts and call log that enhances productivity and allows for personalization
  • Headset support: Wired and wireless through integrated headset jack
  • Included is a high-quality speakerphone
  • Includes common fixed feature keys for telephone tasks
  • Red and Green LEDs; provided on each button providing explicit status for the user
  • Eight administrative feature buttons supported