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Cisco NIM-4FXSP Network Interface Module

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Product Information

Cisco Network Interface Module - Expansion module - FXS/DID x 4 - for Cisco 4451-X

The Cisco 4000 series integrated services routers (ISRs) host the Cisco network interface modules (NIMs), which have evolved from the enhanced high-speed WAN interface card (EHWIC), increasing port density and module capability. Up to three integrated NIM slots on the 4000 series allow for flexible configurations. The NIMs support online insertion and removal (OIR), reducing the downtime, required for replacement modules.

  • Caller line ID
  • Fax detection, pass-through, and relay
  • Modem detection and pass-through
  • Dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) detection
  • Echo cancellation
  • Voice activity detection
  • Comfort noise generation
  • Real-time control protocol (RTCP)
  • Acoustic shock protection
  • Noise reduction is on the roadmap