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Fortinet FortiGate FG-40F Hardware

Part: FG-40F
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Product Information

5 x GE RJ45 ports (including 4 x Internal Ports, 1 x WAN Ports).

The FortiGate Next-Generation Firewall 40F series is ideal for building security-driven networks at distributed enterprise sites and transforming WAN architecture at any scale.
  • FortiGuard Labs’ suite of AI-powered Security Services—natively integrated with your NGFW—secures web, content, and devices and protects networks from ransomware and sophisticated cyberattacks
  • Real-time SSL inspection (including TLS 1.3) provides full visibility into users, devices, and applications across the attack surface
  • Fortinet’s patented SPU (Security Processing Unit) technology provides industry-leading high-performance protection
  • FortiGate WAN Edge powered by one OS and unified security and management framework and systems transforms and secures WANs
  • Delivers superior quality of experience and effective security posture for work-from-any where models, SD-Branch, and cloud-first WAN use cases
  • Achieve operational efficiencies at any scale through automation, deep analytics, and  self-healing
  • Control access to applications no matter where the user is and no matter where the application is hosted for universal application of access policies
  • Provide extensive authentications, checks, and enforce policy prior to granting application access - every time
  • Agent-based access with FortiClient or agentless access via proxy portal for guest or BYOD